Another – LOCAL – Release of Information Form

From: Sharon Vreeland <sevreeland.gtcc>
Date: Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 10:33 AM
Subject: Another – LOCAL – Release of Information Form

Hello all,

A few days ago I shared a release/sharing of information form in use in Newago County in case it was of interest. And by doing so, I learned about the one that has come into use between agencies involved in wraparound over the past few months. (There are two such forms, I’m told; one each for GT and Leelanau Counties).

The local form is attached for your information if you aren’t already familiar with it. Thank you to Bill Paxton for sharing it and furthering my education! I gather from what he shared with me that it was a somewhat lengthy process to develop this form to meet the specific legal requirements of the various parties involved.

Have a great day!

Sharon E. Vreeland, Coordinator – Grand Traverse Community Collaborative

1758 Black Bark Lane

Traverse City MI 49696



Local ROI from Bill Paxton 03-12-2014.pdf

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