Community Leaders and Senior Caregivers June 10, 2014

From: Dee Newman Wilkinson

And, here’s the second e-mail with an attachment that provides instructions for registering for the June 10th FEMA training set for Traverse City.

Hope to see some of you there –

Dee Wilkinson

Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Michigan/TC


For registration the participants will need a registration code to register for the courses on our website. I will list the codes for you folks to distribute at your discretion.

Community Leaders Registration code: 50983

Caregivers Registration code: 42361

I have also attached the flyers I created for the 2 courses to this email for you.

Registration is open and ready. Participants will need to register with our NDPTC website. I have attached a step by step log in and registration file just in case you folks get any questions.

If you have any questions or concerns contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,


Login and Registration Instructions updated.pdf

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