FEMA Flyers for Region 10 AAANM

From: Dee Newman Wilkinson [mailto:newmandol@aaanm.org]
Subject: FW: FEMA Flyers for Region 10 AAANM


Hello all –

The Emergency Preparedness Trainings being presented by FEMA in Traverse City on June 10th and co-hosted by Michigan State Police, in collaboration with Michigan Office of Services to the Aging and Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Michigan still have room for more attendees.

You are encouraged to take advantage of these professional FREE trainings. AND you may certainly pass along this e-mail to those whom you might believe to be interested in Emergency Preparedness, either professionally or personally.

Please note that interested persons should register through the MI Train website (see instructions above). If an interested person does not have access to a computer, it would be most gracious of you to assist them with getting registered. Thank you for extending that courtesy.

Please print/post the flyers, forward this e-mail to various professional/community groups. Those of us convening the event want to honor the trainers prep/travel time by having a packed classroom J

Thanks for your assistance in promoting this event. And, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Dee N. Wilkinson

Area Aging on Aging of Northwest Michigan

1609 Park Drive, PO Box 5946

Traverse City, MI 49696-5946

231-947-8920 or 800-442-1713


6-10-14 CG Traverse City MI Flyer.pdf

6-10-14 CL Travers City MI Flyer.pdf

MI TRAIN Registration Instructions (3).doc

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