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​This email is coming to you from Connie Hintsala with Alliance for Senior Housing. Please send any/all replies directly to her at: connie​

A Munson Home Health SW asked me if I had any ideas for a family in need. There is a man and his family who are migrant workers and he had a massive stroke. He’s 68 yrs. old, married with nine children.Two of the children speak English. They have a place to live but because of his migrant status he does not receive Medicare nor is he eligible for Social Security. (He may get Medicare down the road). The plan now is to go to Munson Rehab for a week, mainly to train the family in how to take care of him. He cannot go to a home nor a nursing home for skilled rehab because he doesn’t qualify for anything. The gentleman could benefit from some PT/OT and Speech Therapy if there are any compassionate souls out there willing and able to help. Right now the he is a high level of care. If there is anyone interested in doing some volunteering please have them contact me.

Connie Hintsala 231-263-4040

The Senior Housing Specialist- Serving and educating, preserving dignity and independence, improving quality of life.

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