BASA 2014 Candidates questions

From: Russ Knopp []
Subject: BASA 2014 Candidates questions

BASA members are interested in hearing from political candidates in Grand Traverse and Leelanau counties on the topics outlined in the BASA White Paper. We are asking that you submit any questions you would like to ask the candidates related to any or all of the topic areas. The topic areas are outlined in the survey.

· Click on this link to enter the survey.

· Simply type in your question(s) in the box following each topic area.

· Deadline to respond to this survey is September 22

We will collect all questions, look for similarities and then present the top two questions in each topic area to the candidates, asking them to respond in writing. Their responses will then be presented at the October BASA meeting.

Just to recap the candidates

104th House – Larry Inman (R) v. Betsy Coffia (D)

101st House (Leelanau County) – Ray Franz (R) v. Tom Stobie (D)

37th Senate – Wayne Schmidt (R) v. Phil Belfy (D)

35th Senate (Leelanau) – Darwin Booher (R) v. Glenn Lottie (D)

1St Congressional – Dan Benishek (R) v. Jerry Cannon (D)

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