Starting May 19, 2021

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Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons

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Assisted Living, Care Management, Employment, Health Club, Medical Services, Nutrition/Food, Senior Housing, Transportation
Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons
Joan O’Neill, Club Membership Director
600 Cottageview Dr.
Traverse City

Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons, a Senior Residential Club, offers you the opportunity to choose a fuller, more vibrant, more enriching life. Our unique village-style community kindles an extraordinary quality of life that enables you to not only envision your ideal life, but to seize it every day.

Cordia is nestled within The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, a thriving city-in-miniature that attracts members of every generation to shop, eat, live, work, or play. As a vital part of this thriving community, you’ll find endless opportunities to engage, explore, enjoy a lifestyle rich in art, culture, companionship, and meaning, and to expand your own potential.

Inside Cordia, the century old Victorian-Italianate architectural features are both inspiring and welcoming. Interior walls are laced with the blonde brick of the original structure. Vaulted ceilings, sometimes stretching to 16 feet, create an open feel. Stained glass windows, arched doorways, and spectacular views are unlike anything you’ve seen.

With an eye toward variety and flexibility, Cordia’s robust programming curriculum is designed to have both broad and unique appeal, welcoming you to develop and deepen your interests, individually or collectively, as you prefer. Each day, each week, each season brings new program options to Cordia’s campus. To complement this expansive curriculum and your experience of day-to-day living, we’ve built within a multitude of first-rate amenities for the exclusive use of Club Members.

Cordia, you see, is not simply a place to live. It is a place to blossom and thrive. Designed for both independent seniors and those who require assistance, Cordia empowers its residents by removing the tasks and challenges of everyday and instilling, at every turn, countless opportunities for connection, inspiration and true fulfillment.

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