Starting May 19, 2021

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Parkinson's Focus for a Cure

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Counseling, Education, Support Organization
Parkinson’s Focus for a Cure
Hettie Molvang, Director
PO BOX 5734
Traverse City

Parkinson’s Network North (PNN) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer organization that services a 10-county area in Northwest Michigan and has active support groups in Traverse City, Leelanau County and Frankfort.

PNN partners with the Michigan Parkinson’s Foundation, the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Parkinson’s Foundation in order to access all possible sources of information, research and resources that can help our Parkinsonians and their care partners.

Though we share a mission of care, education, advocacy and research for Parkinson’s Disease with these organizations, we have no financial affiliation with any of them: we neither contribute to their funding nor receive any funding from them.

Our programs are operated entirely from our local fund-raising, with all donations being used for local support initiatives.

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